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Bank Tangjaitrong is from Bangkok, Thailand and has been involved with films for the past nine years. At a young age, Bank decided to pursue a higher education studying the craft of filmmaking where he relocated to Orlando, Florida and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in film at Full Sail University. During this time he worked first hand in many different crew positions. Bank has worked as a production designer on the film “Swallow” and was a set decorator for the film “Madame Pompadour”. These productions have been diverse in budget and format ranging from 16mm film, 35mm film to HD.

After gaining an abundance of technical knowledge at Full Sail University, Bank moved to New York to attend the New York Film Academy where he directed and produced eleven of his own short films. His first short film “That Girl, That Time” which he co-wrote and directed went onto screen at the New York Los Angeles International Film festival, American International Film Festival, San Antonio Film Festival and the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival where it received honorable mention and an award for Best Original Score.

His short film "Night Porter" which he wrote, directed and produced was nominated for eight awards at Massachusetts Independent Film Festival including Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and winning for Best Actor. He has just directed his first feature film "Till We Meet Again" which was shot in New York and in Thailand. “Till We Meet Again” went onto to win Best Picture and the Audience Award at the Long Beach International Film Festival as well as being the Golden Eagle Finalist at the 2015 CINE Awards. He is currently developing his second feature film to be shot in Bangkok.

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2015 - CINE 58th Awards-

Golden Eagle Finalist - TILL WE MEET AGAIN

2015 - Long Beach International Film Festival 

Best Picture, Audience Award - TILL WE MEET AGAIN

2015 - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 


2013 - Massachusetts Independent Film Festival 

 Nominated for Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay - NIGHT PORTER

2011 - Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 

Best Original Score, Honorable Mention - THAT GIRL, THAT TIME


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